Friday, 24 March 2017

Tight Slap from Akshay Kumar to Narrow Minded Society

Akshay Kumar, Bollywood Actor

As well all know that, Mr. Akshay Kumar, bollywood actor and social worker, so much sensible and responsible for society concerns and issues.

Today, He posted a video appealing the Indian society to change the mind towards women. He is appealing public to share their views about this concern.

Dekhiye, Sochiye aur Apne Vichar Bataiye.......

See the video below posted on Facebook by him,

Akshay Kumar

Time hai apni #SochAurShauch dono badalne ka. Dekhiye, sochiye aur apne vichar bataiye 🙏🏻 समय है अपनी सोच और शौच दोनों बदलने का। देखिये, सोचिये और अपने विचार बताइये 🙏🏻

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