Friday, 7 April 2017

Reasons Why Security Guards wear Black Spectacles- Not Just for Fashion & Style

Have you ever seen the bodyguard or security guard standing behind any VIP or celebrity? Have you every noticed whey they used to wear black spectacles always? Well, I must tell you that this is not due to style or fashion. There are certain number of reasons of wearing these specs.

Let me tell you these reasons one by one in this post,

Actually, They wear black sunglasses to hide from others where they are watching from time to time. It help them to monitor each and everything without getting nocticed by anybody. They don't want to know anybody where they are watching at the same time.

It's Totally Mind Game

When there is a some kind of blast happen near you, then your eyes automatically close for some time. It is natural way. But a security guard can never do that. They have to open their eyes in any condition. Wearing black specs will give them a mental sport and help them to open their eyes in that situation also. It is totally a mind game for them and help them to concentrate more.

Source: Pixabay

They never let anyone to read their Mind through Eyes

Their eyes help them to identity the reactions of the enemy in any situation. They get their training in such a way that they can read your eyes and body moment to get the idea of your next step to be taken. That's why bodyguards used to wear black glasses.

To Protect The Eyes from Environment

Bodyguards have included their eyes in their weapon list. Black glasses help them to protect from sunlight, dust and any kind of getaways. They have to keep their eyes neat and clean every time and in every situation.

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