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5 Job Portals for Women to Find Jobs as Per Their Interest

5 Job Portals for Women to Find Jobs as Per Their Interest

On one side, some women of the country are making a name for themselves in the corporate world, while there are others who have decided to give full time to the family while maintaining their homes.

Many women also leave jobs due to reasons like marriage, pregnancy, motherhood, family members care, job transfer. There are many such portals online for women who help them find jobs to their interest. These portals work exclusively for women looking for full-time, part-time, work from home and freelancing jobs.

Here are the top 5 portals where women can find desirable jobs as per their interest....

Jobs for Her

This job portal is specially designed for women who are looking for a second job after taking a break from their career. "JobsForHer" is a company started in Bangalore. You can easily find job offers, advice, skills enhancement courses, inspiration etc. on this portal.

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Her Second Innings

As the name of this portal, this portal is also designed for women professionals who are ready for their second innings after taking a break from career. "Her Second Innings" portal helps women find permanent jobs, temporary jobs, work from home offers and even new business opportunities. Through this portal, women can improve their skills by getting internship and training opportunities.

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Avtar Women

Avatar Indian Woman Professionals Interface Network i.e. AVTAR I-WIN (it was called AVTAR I-WIN in December 2005) is the first portal in India to help women who have taken a break from their professional lives for some reason. When it was launched, the portal was India’s very first career service for women. Many services like recruitment service, career counseling, skill building are available on this portal.

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Ghar Se Naukri

Launched in 2014, the GharSeNaukri portal specifically helps women get opportunities to work from home. Also, freelancing jobs, part-time jobs etc. are also easily available on this portal. This portal has been receiving the Best Social Enterprise Award for the last 3 years by 'Action for India'.

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It is one of the most popular career platforms made for women. It helps in finding job opportunities for women in various domains. In addition, this portal connects mentors and communities for professional growth. On this portal, you can also take workshops to learn new skills.

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Do visit all these online portals for freelancing jobs or work from home jobs to find a suitable job for you. If you like this article useful and informative, please share this on social media and with your friends.

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